Meet Jenna

Jenna resides in Geneva, Alabama, just an hour north of Florida’s emerald coast, with her husband, Cole, and two daughters, Riley and Ava.  She creates mixed media art full of bold colors and heavy texture, always striving for her work to lift spirits and evoke joy. 

“One day as I was painting, I thought to myself that so much paint is hidden and seemingly wasted on my canvases. Through the emergence of the art, many layers are covered and unseen, their existence unknown to the viewer. Quickly it dawned on me; people are just like art.  Is it not our hidden layers that make us who we are? The parts of us we hold to ourselves mold us into who we become and share with others. The hidden layers of paint are not a waste. Instead, they are essential in the evolution of each piece, bringing the art to its completed state.”